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About Us

team sitting on stoolsDr. Joseph Schmitt has been In practice since 2012 and, along with his wife, is the director and owner of Sozo Chiropractic. His chiropractic care center has a reputation for excellence in family health and wellness. Dr. Joe’s practice is the largest natural family health care center in Castle Rock, catering to family members of every age. Whether you’re a newborn or a child, a mom-to-be or a professional athlete, we can help.

Our Viewpoint

We’ve found that those people that are a part of our practice family are healthier and more vibrant than those outside of it. A highly functioning nervous system through chiropractic care is the very foundation of glowing health.

Our job is to check as many spines as possible. Through education and personal experience, our practice members come to know the extraordinary benefits of regular chiropractic doctoring.

Why Sozo Chiropractic?

Sozo is a Greek word. Says Dr. Joe: “One day, I ran across a little keepsake box of my mothers. Inside the box was a Bible that I’d been given by my parents in 1986. In the front of the Bible I’d scrawled the word Sozo. Sozo means ‘to be healed, to be restored and to be made whole.’ I immediately knew that would be the name of my chiropractic center.”

So Many Stories of Hope and Fulfillment

When Dr. Joe was in his first year of practice, he worked with a male patient in his mid-60’s. The gentleman was on 12 medications just to be able to function. After one year of chiropractic care, this practice member returned to his original doctor and underwent a round of diagnostic blood testing. His results were all within normal limits. He was taken off all medications. As a new doctor, Dr. Joe was thrilled with these results. It cemented his belief in the chiropractic lifestyle to an even deeper level.

Come See Us Today

Dr. Joe and his dedicated and enthusiastic team would love to welcome you to their practice family. Every one of our staff was at one time a practice member. Their healing experiences sold them on the incredible benefits of chiropractic care. They understand what you’re going through and are here to support you. We feature on-site X-rays, free consultations and loving and compassionate care. Please contact our office today!

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